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International Speaking and Teaching Sensation

Gallery Critique

Leading a gallery critique of participants' creations detailing The Future of Leadership at the Dent Conference.

At the whiteboard

One of my favorite places on earth. At the whiteboard. Taken during TA office hours for MIT's D-Lab Design course.


Presenting research findings at the Stanford FabLearn Conference.

Youth forward

Creating safe spaces for our youngest to jump in and give their thoughts on the future of leadership— I gotta say he had quite the candid perspective.

Prototyping the future

When asked to prototype their solutions, this group of participants created this cootie catcher to exemplify the optionality, personalization, and agency that they'd like to see in leaders of the future.

A future in growth

Prompted to create visualizations of their ideas, this group drew on the natural systems that govern sustainable creations as an inspiration for the future of leadership.

Conitec Presentation

Presenting in Portuguese for the first time, I brought our metrics and assessments to a Rio de Janeiro audience and shared our research findings.

Thank you!

After a 4-day workshop in Cartagena, Colombia making great gains and triumphs, this group of participants surprised me with a signed photo of us and their kind words of gratitude forever captured.


I was a resident innovator at NAVE, the innovation accelerator of Estacio de Sá, the largest university in Brasil, and was honored to capacitate the faculty with our hands-on design thinking methods.


I'm constantly communicating what I've learned and establishing new directions for my work by presenting at conferences, facilitating workshops, and leading design studios. From teaching 300 engineering undergraduates in India and Colombia to coaching 30 Brazilian professors in Portuguese, my curriculum spans across disciplines, languages, and all ages. I’ve got a special way of engaging and connecting with my audiences that has shown in their outpouring of love post-sessions, and I’m humbled to be able to make a difference in their careers.

Speaking and Teaching Engagements


“I love you Jessica. Your ideas, energy, and dedication are truly inspiring. I hope we can develop many ideas together. Thanks for everything.”


Catalina A. Colombia Participant


“Your spirit and strength is what most characterizes you.”

Carolina O. Colombia Participant

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