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a 50-minute Webinar around Darte's COVID-19 offer:



discover the design-based tools you need to develop your idea, your company, your life.

...without wasting time, money, or resources on ideas that were never going to work. 




It's the scrappy, what can we do with what we got, attitude. It's the anything is better than nothing. The resilience and the adaptability mindset. Any entrepreneur, artist, and leader can tell you: You need an ounce of crisis to fuel the trailblazing. To drive the innovation. To take hold of the future. So: Crisis— check. 

Tools to reinvent? 

Let's play.

3 big mistakes people make when trying to innovate

Invest your time working with these tools so you don't waste your time, money, or energy chasing ideas that won't stick. 

...Bet you can't guess what the 3 mistakes are. 

our process: design thinking, leadership theory, and then some

Discover how Darte combines design-based theory from MIT with the crisis-ready street smarts you'll need to respond swiftly and gently to this global pandemic. Then, ask questions of the format and design of the bootcamp and what to expect. 

meet your 

Darte Coach 

on the frontlines,

Jessica Artiles 

Jessica Artiles knows it well: Design is Power. 

As the Founder and Chief Design Officer of Darte Design, she coaches and co-creates with businesses and change-makers on how to use design-based approaches to increase the impact potential of their ideas. She co-founded The Second L and launched ÉPOCA, the first residential Self-Fulfillment Festival, all during her wedding. 

Jessica believes everyone is born thinking like a designer— she just helps you shake off the dust and stretch back into it. 

During her Master’s Thesis at MIT she invented DesignShops, a process to shorten the time by which someone begins to think and problem-solve like a designer. Combined with her certification as a Reiki Apprentice Healer, she can challenge her clients to incorporate a balanced, holistic approach to the ancient human experience of creativity and solving problems. 

Jessica was named one of Boston’s Latino 30 Under 30 in recognition as a “Most Influential Leader” and lives with her husband as Graduate Resident Advisors in the world’s greatest playground— MIT— running experiments with her students in residential-based learning, culture, and community mobilization. Catch her offline hosting Thoughts Over Tea in her home studio or running with her sheltie, Chuli (she’s the goodest girl).

meet her IN THE STUDIO

take it from this guy, there's a whole lot more to see. 

Discover what darte can do for you. 

Can't Join Us Now?

See how Darte clients are positioned to lead with

Creative Confidence and Decision-making Efficiency.

And yes, we did take that photo!


“Jessica has a way of commanding the space and turning it over so that others may shine through. She facilitated our group's generation of creative thoughts, our sharing of deep, personal biases, and our unearthing of our shared values that came together into a beautifully planned activity— in just a matter of hours!  


Jessica is one of these lights that is able to capture your spirit and help you transmit your power, your energy, your own light, into the situation. She holds up a mic to people's hearts and turns that data into tangible outcomes that are accessible and ready to connect with others.” 

— Louise Celebi, 
Award-winning ESL Teacher, 
Tanglewood Building Communities Retreat
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