DARTE [dar-te]: To Give. 

There's a saying in Spanish that rings true in any language: "Dar te da más," which means "Giving gives you more," or, loosely, "The more you give the more you will be given." 

Darte leads with this every day as we connect with the humans—and doggos— that bring our work to life. 

We specialize in coaching design-based approaches for lifelong learners, integrating mindfulness practices with modern technology, and designing experiences for exploration. 

Our methods yield faster and better outcomes. 

With our in-house studio and makerspace, and our network of makers and thinkers all around the globe, Darte is able to create the low-resolution prototype you need to put in front of your users.

We're specialists at bringing design tools to teams all around the world...and at improvising when the tools and materials aren't exactly what we expected. 

Let us show you the value of listening to your user, the glory of ideating outside the status quo, the beautify of collaborative generation and capacity building. 

Queremos Darte— we want to give you— The Power of Design. 

Artist Tamblyn Gawley captures the resounding sentiment at the OpenMind::OpenArt Gallery of 2017.

Jessica A. Artiles

Principal & Founder

Chief Design Officer

Design is Power. 

Artiles has spent nearly a decade studying the fundamental principles of design from MIT's centers for design, education, system dynamics, and leadership service. She has been invited around the world to spread design and design thinking to organizations ranging from Credit Suisse to Brazil's largest private university, Estácio de Sá.

Ever since obtaining her Reiki-certification in Thailand in 2018, Artiles has been exploring ways to combine ancient practices of breathing, mindfulness, and universal energy into her life coaching practice and user research methods to leverage different ways of valuing and understanding the individual. 

A three-time MIT engineer, Artiles enjoys the challenge of combining practical, modern-day tools with timeless, analog methods of discovery. 

When she's not on site with a client at Darte, Artiles is developing The Explorer's Toolkit, a compilation of guides and approaches to tackle anything an Explorer might face. 

Artiles is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, a Queen and Designer in Residence at RisOn, and the privileged 1st Lady to the Graduate Resident Advisor of the MIT Theta Delta Chi chapter where she conducts wild experiments in residential-based learning, culture, and community organization. Turns out people love rooftops with skylines... and Moroccan mint tea. 

Selected Clients we've Played with


- The Office of the President of MIT

- Credit Suisse

- EXPLOStudio

- Koru Strategy

- The MIT Edgerton Center

- Beyond the Agency

- OpenMind::OpenArt Gallery

- The MIT Teaching Systems Lab

- Seven Arrows Academy

-Meadowbrook K-8 School of Weston 

- Greater Lawrence Technical School

- Boston Society of Architects


- Moonshot Academy, Beijing

- Catalyst Education Lab, Hong Kong

- Mingdao High School, Taiwan

- Mujeres Solares, Nicaragua
- Estácio de Sá, Rio de Janeiro

- KLE Technological University, India

- Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, Colombia

- TEDx, Brasil


"Jessica Artiles worked as a consultant for my school in the field of design thinking, student research, and maker spaces. 


Ms. Artiles was hired to help me create a summer camp program for children ages 3-10 that focused on design thinking and maker space. She challenged me to push past what I already knew and dive deeper into what we could get out of the kids. She also taught me new ways to observe, identify, and document research done in and out of the classroom. Ever since its origin 4 years ago, our camp has continued to grow and for the past 2 summers, we have had to turn people away due to our large enrollment. Ms. Artiles helped to create and design a program with me in which she listened and trusted my knowledge and expertise in education and the young age group, and adapted her programs and ideas accordingly. 


She came in extremely helpful, asking questions, and doing everything she could to learn our business before jumping in to create or make suggestions or plans. After working with Ms. Artiles, I have had other consultants come in to train, provide professional development, and share their expertise in the field of education. These experiences helped me to see what a unique approach that Ms. Artiles had in her communication and implementation style. Many professionals hired for specific training and consulting come in and simply "tell" a school what to do and provide a "plug and play" type of training. Ms. Artiles actually did the complete opposite, spending time observing, getting to know our clientele, our school's unique culture, and the educators that make up our establishment.


Ms. Artiles is a problem solver and finds ways to strategize by examining all angles of the issue at hand. She does not accept the typical or standard solution as the way to go, rather she dissects, discusses, and formulates ideas by really getting to know the ins and outs of an institution. Not only is Ms. Artiles knowledgeable and resourceful, she also has a very bubbly, exciting personality that welcomes everyone in. She is easy to get along with and sensitive to the emotions of working with educators and children.


Once she finished her job with us, she maintained constant communication with myself and the executive director. Even after four years, she remains available for me to 

contact and use as a resource. 


The knowledge, training, and support we received from Ms. Artiles is something that I continue to use daily and was a key component to building a large part of our school's curriculum in a myriad of ways. I am extremely fortunate to have worked with her and value all that I have learned."

— Amy Marston, 
Lead Makerspace Educator,
Little Dolphins Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten

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